The moon glows bright tonight for you my dear

Day by day will arise a new fear —

Death will soon be gleamed out by the brightness of our moon

He will soon carry me to the depths of our honeymoon —

Death will fade into the night sky as we call out our prayers today

As he too will soon leave us astray —

Lavender fields will coddle the carriage death resides within

Smells of devastation start to burn me outside in —

We ride this excursion together through and through

With horses of hell’s gate

We glide into the arms of misfortune — after all, these times are far overdue —

Poison ivy will guard the gates of the deceased

A fence of vines conceal the true beast —

Finger by finger — I will wear this guard — for you I hope to not see soon

With my suit of armor, death will stand no chance against our moon —

Our hands but will never touch —

Instead, they shall glow bright with the light of the moon shining upon our dried out palms

Unfortunate it is the milk of the moon will run dry — starvation may fall upon us

A nation will twice cry —

Together we will board the ship of isolation

In times of such hardship, even the leaders will face castration —

In tomorrow’s time, we find our new path

Unfortunate to yesterday’s time that those of innocence will feel this wrath —

We watch the opportunities we once grasped in our fingertips fade into the nevermore

Indeed, this is the new forevermore —

Photo Credit Fred Sinclair; Photo was taken for a Facebook post which shows the toilet paper shortage in Windham, CT Walmart during the Coronavirus pandemic. Fred Sinclair also showed many Photos showing the absolute barbaric bulk shopping of food and cleaning products. This isn’t just in Windham, CT this is going on in every grocery store in America right now. Please just take what you need and be considerate of everyone while shopping. Also, remember to wash your hands and stay safe during this hard time.

Lgbtq~Traveler ~ AmeriCorps NCCC Alumni ~ Poet ~ Journalist ~ Obviously a Coffee Lover~

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